Mar 19, 2007

Not Quite A Year

I've never been tagged before either, but in reading other people's blogs, I have noted a certain disdain for the practice. Please God don't let my sister take my participation in this as encouragement and start sending me chain emails again--I still won't respond, sis, even if it does mean I'll have three years of bad luck.

But since I started this blog in a copycat attempt to be cool like Ruth, I feel honorbound to respond. I'll even pass it along--and here you are, Julie.

What Would Cordelia Do? started shortly afterI moved in with Guy and Boy and Girl. The Cordelia thing is more wishful thinking than anything else; wouldn't I love to be right all the time? And isn't it easier to solve other people's problems than worry constantly about your own? This blog has seen me get hired, get fired, and do keep reading because really, I'd like to stick to Cordelia feminism and, you know, get a real job, instead of staying home and having babies and knitting like I fantasize about doing.

I've drawn no grand conclusions, but sitting and writing it all out and trying to make it entertaining--a journal wouldn't require that--does tend to firm up my resolve when I'm tired of all the "I won't practice my piano!"s and "It's not fair!"s, and in any case certainly clarifies my feelings about important matters like whether Maud is cuter in this picture than that one.

And so: Things I Know By Heart

Two Novels/Poems/Plays: The Owl and The Pussycat by Edward Lear (Thanks, Dad), and The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, which I really do have memorized, except for that one time I forgot it at the school recital and had to run off the stage crying.

Two Films/Television Shows You Can Quote From: Two? Only two? I can't! I at least have to split it up into two separate categories, okay?
Films: The Great Race and The Big Chill
Television Shows: Buffy/Angel and The West Wing

Two Songs To Which You Know Every Word: "Night In The City" by Joni Mitchell and "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. I was sixteen, okay? Lots of changes, lots of new beginnings.

Two Dishes You Can Make Without A Recipe: Anything that involves fish. The real question is, what recipe can I actually follow?

Two Cities You Can Navigate Without A Map: Um. Volcano, HI. Which has no stoplights. I have a good sense of direction when I'm in the woods, but streets confuse me.

And An Extra Question--What's A Date You Always Remember, and What's A Date You Always Forget?: I always remember Guy's Ex's birthday. Because it's the same as mine. Wacky fun. I always forget the day my grandfather died. I think about him almost every day, but I have to get Guy to mark the day on his calendar, because even if I put it on mine I don't see it.


Guy said...

April 13th, honey. I can understand the trouble remembering a day you wish had never come... I had it easier--my mom's dad died on my dad's birthday, and my mom's mom died on my dad's mom's birthday if i'm not mistaken. Built-in reminders...

I promise to remind you.

Cordelia said...

That's crazy.

Ruth said...

I find it amusing that both of the people I tagged have BUFFY memorized.

Thanks for indulging me. . . and happy 1st birthday, What Would Cordelia Do?

Cordelia said...

Doesn't that just prove how amazing and wonderful it is?!