Jun 19, 2006

First Days

Saturday was our first day at the beach this year. Less than a success, in my opinion. The water was FREEZING, the bugs were BITING and PLENTIFUL, as were the fisherman and their fishing lines.

Maybe I'm too picky.

And today is the first day at the New Job. Having some difficulty settling in as there isn't really anyplace for me to settle yet--I have both a temporary desk and a temporary computer, so...But it's much quieter here, which is surprising considering it's a wider-open space with more people.

I'm still excited though. There's lots of light, and lots of books, and one day I'll be able to unpack my stuff. And I have hardly any work to do as yet, which is always thrilling.

Deadweight, Beck

[Lorelai wants Luke to fire the annoying new guy he hired]
Lorelai: He doesn't write the orders down, he never brings you food that's hot or yours, he can't distinguish bagels from doughnuts, he hands out butt napkins, and he has worn that Foreigner t-shirt every single day since he started working here and he doesn't know who they are. I asked him.
Luke: What are butt napkins?
Lorelai: Kirk needed a napkin, and he pulled one out of his back pocket.
Luke: Hey, Bren?
Brennon Lewis: Yeah, boss?
Luke: Did you give Kirk a napkin out of your back pocket?
Brennon Lewis: Yeah.
Luke: Don't.
Brennon Lewis: Okay.
(Gilmore Girls--which actually made me very grouchy last night so I'm reluctant to quote it, but I'm working with limited resources at the moment)


Guy said...

C'mon, how can any episode involving a reference to 'butt napkins' make you grouchy?

Methinks it was the night-before-new-job anxiety. Hang in there, cookie.


p.s. I'm curious to know what Cordy would do on her first day in a new job.

Cordelia said...

Bitch & moan, baby. And throw a tantrum.

Guy said...

Uh, then, I think that today you should do the OPPOSITE of what Cordy would do.