Sep 13, 2006

Maud Update:

Maud has grown since she was last described. A lot, in fact. We left for Hawaii, came back, and in between she doubled in size, and the rate doesn't appear to have slowed.

Remember the cuddly baby who used to sleep on shoulders?
Well, she doesn't really do that anymore. She's more of a nipper and a biter, and her preferred target is an ankle. She isn't all bad, though. She is inordinately interested in water, and has been known to join you in the shower.
(That's her on the bathmat contemplating entry). She is, sad to say, quite fascinated by my knitting, but loses interest if she's very tired, or if The West Wing is on. When she is in one of her rare loving moods, she will purr around your face, and even go so far as to stick her nose up one of your nostrils--this is the epitome of affection, in Maud's opinion.

But see those two pictures above? That's Maud before we left for Hawaii.

This is Maud when we returned. She became Batman, stalker and destroyer of all things made of plastic/paper/cloth/human flesh.

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