Dec 5, 2006

I Heart Christmas

I love Christmas. Everything about it really. I've heard all the complaints: "It's so commercial--look at all those stores putting up Christmas decorations, just trying to get us to spend our money." The decorations are pretty. They make me smile, but they're not forcing me to spend money just because they're all sparkly. "It's expensive." It can be, but I LIKE getting and giving gifts. It's fun, and what I choose to spend my money on. It is a choice, you know.

Cordelia: I love Christmas!

Guy: You love standing in line?

Cordelia: Standing in line isn't Christmas--I never have to stand in line. (It's true; I do all my shopping way in advance and almost never at a mall).

Guy: What, they don't have lines in Hawaii?

Cordelia: Nope. No lines, and I love Christmas.

Guy: Oy. Studio 60 made you all caffeinated; you're using lots of words and repeating yourself like Aaron Sorkin.

Cordelia: Studio 60 didn't make me caffeinated! It's not even written like the previous shows--really hardly any excessive dialogue. It was a slightly better show this week, though--Danny...this show Danny, not The West Wing Danny...

Guy: Bradley Whitford?

Cordelia: Yeah. He asked out Jordan.

Guy: Even though she's pregnant? That's class (sarcastic-sounding)

Cordelia: Why is that bad? (confused)

Guy: I said it was class. So who's the father?

Cordelia: That doctor guy from the first episode who outed Danny.

Guy: It was him, then? I figured it was going to be Steven Weber or Ed Asner.

Cordelia: ED ASNER???

Guy: I figured it might be.

Cordelia: You do not have the spirit of Christmas. Ed Asner.


Guy said...

Steven Weber was my likely candidate. Ed Asner was the dark horse. Hey, I just figured it'd be someone we'd known or at at least seen, unlike the actual father, who's never even been mentioned by name.

Awwwfancy said...

Sounds like someone has some unresolved feelings about Ed Asner.