Dec 4, 2006

"Catch up" means all the episodes, right?

First of all, a note to Club Monaco: If your pants give your mannequins cameltoes, it may be time to rethink the design.

But the rest of this post has nothing to do with Club Monaco. It is a rant re: my anger at the Sci Fi Channel. Apart from the lame-ass movies they show (Final Destination II? Dead & Deader? Come on), they seem to have a loose grasp on the concept of episodes, and seasons, and whatnot.

Guy and I had been bugged to watch Battlestar Galactica for some time, and finally gave in a couple of months ago, and put Season 1 on the queue. Those of you in the know will hoot with laughter at this mistake. Battlestar Galactica doesn't start with Season 1! That would be too obvious! It starts with the miniseries! Duh!

Okay, so maybe if we'd known there had been a miniseries, we could have figured that out. So Guy and I are sitting there trying desperately to figure out what's going on:

"This is kind of confusing. Who is that guy again?"
"What's with the blonde chick? Is she an angel?"
"I don't like this show very much. It doesn't make any sense."

Of course, once we got the miniseries, it all came together and no, she's not an angel, she's a hallucination of a cyborg. Duh.

But the "tricked ya!" attitude of the Sci Fi Channel doesn't stop there--oh no! They like to keep their viewers on their toes. Guy and I finished Season 2 last week (we're speedy), but were annoyed that it was so short. Three discs long? That's not a season. What the hell?

Oh, of course! Season 2.5 is next! Those wacky Sci Fi Channel people!

Last night, however, they crossed the line. Guy and I have also been under pressure to watch Heroes, which we have seen bits of while waiting for Studio 60 to start, and have been intrigued because hey, Jess! but very confused. But the Sci Fi Channel was running a recap of all the episodes to date (or so it was advertised) and we set the tape and then yesterday sat down to watch them so we could be ready for tonight.

However, the Sci Fi Channel only showed six episodes.

"Don't you remember that one scene where the creepy dad guy was trying to get the painter guy to take heroin? We didn't see that."
"And what about the charming Japanese guy who looks like he's going to burst a blood vessel? Doesn't he leave that restaurant and his friend counts to five and he's not there?"

Let me tell you, it's a good thing we would sit down early to make sure we caught the beginning of Studio 60. Because when we went online to check how many episodes there were supposed to be, the Sci Fi Channel didn't show the next four. We would have been so confused!

And there it was, closing on 10pm, and we were wondering what on earth we were going to do--wait for the show to come out on dvd and never catch up and be sad? No! Genius Guy remembered the iTunes carries TV shows--and lo and behold! Sadly, it would take 3 hrs per episode to download, unless we held the computer in that one spot on the stairs. And Maud likes to try to kill the computer.

We stayed up late to watch three of the four, and have just enough time to watch one before the show starts. Pathetic, and all the Sci Fi Channel's fault.

Incidentally, I wonder how on earth we're going to watch Studio 60 after this. Maybe as a make-you-sleep-before-bed kind of thing?

As I was typing the word "before," it came out "bore." Huh.


Anonymous said...

You guys need a life beyond television. Good grief, you leave Volcano for the big city and . . . TV???

Cordelia said...

TV is free. New York City is expensive.

Guy said...

Ah, the paradox of publishing. It's almost entirely located in NYC, and yet it pays so poorly that its employees can do little other than work. Wait, now I see it--it's akin to serfdom or indentured servitude or something. Genius. Other industries oughta take note...