Dec 7, 2006

Big Sticks

You know how knitting is all very delicate and contained? Smooth movements of the wrist, slide, wrap, swish? Granted, the smaller the needle, the smaller the motion, so using a size one makes me feel more like a squirrel, making tiny chittering movements right in front of my mouth.

And using size nineteen needles makes me feel like an elephant attempting to knit. Or an oversized four year old, since these Susan Bates needles look kind of like giant crayons. (Deep, slow motion voice): Sliiide, wrraaapp, ssswwiisshhhh....

I read recently that the comment most knitters hear most often is "Isn't that hard?" They must live and work in a nicer neighborhood than I do. The comment I hear most often is "What are you making me?" This from people on the train, messengers, UPS guys, and yes, usually men.

Har de har, yes, that's sooo funny and you're the only person ever to have said it.

If the giant needles weren't so inconvenient, I'd carry them around with me to beat people with.


Julie said...

My favorites include:
"You walking the dog or is the dog walking you?"
"Working hard or hardly working?"
"Wet/hot/cold enough for you?"

Guy said...

You know, a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (or two, which you happen to have at your disposal) might be serve as a deterrent. Just make an example out of one of these idiots, and the others will take note.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you didn't poke anyone with the big sticks. (I checked the scarf for eye goobers.)