Oct 11, 2006

Not the best candidate for re-gifting

I couldn't think of an actual line of dialogue from Monday night's Studio 60, probably because there were too many good ones to choose from--which hasn't been the case before.

So now that we have cable, I am able to proclaim that:

Bradley Whitford's hair really is that bright and appears to be there to stay.
They are underutilizing him terribly and that is very sad.
Christine Lahti annoyed me only a little but I'm sure that will change. For the worse, I'm saying.
Amanda Peet annoyed me not at all, but is increasingly pointless.
Everything else was really good!

I love the Big Three. Love them. There is fine funniness to be had. I keep saying this because I really didn't expect to. I expected to be all Bradley Whitford-Matthew Perry-nobody else really matters, but since Bradley Whitford's hardly ever onscreen, I've been forced to look elsewhere and am quite pleased by what I see.

Not that I wouldn't be happier to see more Bradley Whitford, mind. Oh, no. That would be a-okay with me.

It's supposed to be a buddy comedy/drama, right? They're buddies, joined at the hip, and constantly bantering and blabbering and it's Matt&Danny, one unit, they work together and play together and that's fun.

Wouldn't that require some shared screen time?

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