Oct 11, 2006


So a week ago I hurt my shoulder. I did this by falling off the bed--and no, I didn't roll off the bed in my sleep, I crawled off, caught my foot between the mattress and the frame, banged my hip, and landed on my shoulder. It was a Chevy Chase-type fall.

Anyway, the past week has me bummed and in pain. Today I went to the chiropractor, and she did some adjusting and basically told me she can do nothing, but gave me some stretches.

But before she came to this conclusion, she electrocuted me. I've always wondered why I have to hold the round metal bar...now I know. It's to keep the current grounded.

So the assistant lady (I couldn't see her, I was face down on a ring of plastic that was numbing parts of my face) hooked me up, and told me I was going to feel shocks, and that they would increase in intensity, and I was to tell her when to stop turning it up.

I get the feeling I said stop a little sooner than most people because she kind of laughed when she said okay.

But it was really unpleasant! My shoulder seized up, and I was literally unable to move them. The feeling at the electricity points themselves wasn't that bad, although it didn't exactly feel good, more like lots of pins scraping across my skin but not actually poking through. If there'd been poking through there's no way I could have lasted five minutes.

But the unable to relax or move AT ALL shoulders thing was not cool. At all. There should be more explanation for what you will be experiencing.

So anyway, I have post-electrocution-stress disorder now, which manifests itself in making me really grouchy.

I bought some Sour Brite Crawlers to cheer me up.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure about this chiropractor? I have some hair-raising stories from my cases - and that's not even including electro-shock stuff.

RJ said...

Ow ow ow! That sounds dreadful. I hope you're feeling better.