Oct 13, 2006

Evolution Schmevolution

There are times when I think the intelligent design folks have got it right, because there's just no way on earth that it made any sense, evolutionarily speaking, for certain animals to develop the way they have.

I'm speaking, of course, of cows and koala bears.

Koala bears are notoriously grouchy creatures, and if you ever saw any pictures of them from the waist down, you'd understand why. Koala bears can only eat eucalpytus or similar leaves, which are very fibrous and hard to digest. Very hard to digest. They only absorb about 25% of the fiber, and the rest their stomachs just can't handle, and they get diarrhea. Constantly. They are covered in their own feces. You'd be grouchy too.

Now, how on earth does it make sense to only be able to eat something that makes you sick?

And can somebody explain to me why there are so many animals who thrive on grass (horses, sheep, goats, etc.) but cows are famous for having to digest their food in one part of their stomach, vomit it back up so they can chew it some more, and swallow it back down, and repeat the process several times. I'm betting they always have such stupid expressions on their faces because their bodies are too busy trying to keep track of which stomach to send which masticated food chunks to.

Of course, this doesn't really leave a lot of room for intelligent design either. Maybe prankster design or drunken frat boy design.

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