Oct 16, 2006


So this weekend I spent most of my time wheezing and moving from one couch to another. I did things like watch She's All That. Freddy Prinze Jr. is in that movie. And I'd already seen it.

Suffice it to say, I did the things you do when you have a cold.

I also finished a book I've been reading, and I'm going to take a page from Ruth and write a wee review here.

Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield isn't the kind of book I would normally read. For one thing, it's nonfiction. I tend to say away from that. But Guy brought it home and was all excited, and I couldn't have that. (You see, he has an assignment--a very important book that he really does have to read, and that he swore he would. And proceeded to scoff and say he could read it in a weekend. I took Love is a Mix Tape away from him for a week, have now finished it, and he STILL hasn't finished his assignment. I'm just saying.)

I started reading it on the subway, and started crying. It's the story of a music geek who fell in love, got married young, and then one day his wife got up to eat a sandwich and died. It's a surprisingly funny and unsurprisingly sad rhapsody on this woman Renee, and on music.

It's well-written, but most of all it's very honest. Renee comes across as one well-loved woman, but also as one well-known woman. He loves, but doesn't romanticize her. And he certainly doesn't romanticize his own grief.

He does romanticize music, but in a very charming way. So much so that he made me want to give Hanson another try (that impusle has faded--and I should clarify--he has some questionable tastes).

So give it a read. When it comes out, which is in, um, January. I'll remind you.

Oh, and I talked to my folks in Hawaii. Everybody's fine. Word is (and they may be lying to me to make me feel better) that it was a really slow news day, and the networks are making it out to be worse than it is.


rj said...

First off, I'm glad your family is ok. Sorry to hear that you're feeling poorly, though. Re: Rob's book: I knew Renee C. and she was a really funny, smart, charming woman. I have mixed feelings about reading the book, though I probably will. Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

From the family: Eh, just a shaker. We're used to hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes!

Guy said...

Not to mention plagues of frogs!

Cordelia said...

and that's like the eighth eyptian plague, right--after locusts.