Sep 27, 2006

My Desktop is Frozen

Okay, I have to complain now. Or rejoice. One or the other.

My computer is making it impossible for me to do any work. Seriously--it's on a campaign to prevent me from doing my job.

Much of my job is reading. Yesterday, I read everything there was to read that was already printed out. I intended to spend today reading everything sent as an attachment via email. Big mistake...

Every time I try to open something to read it, the program freezes. Microsoft Outlook has been restarted several times, as has My Documents.

Just now, I tried to be a bit sneaky, and save the Word document to my desktop and open it from there. "My, that was pathetic," chuckles my computer vindictively. Now my desktop is frozen.

Luckily, I had Mozilla running, so I can still browse the internet and post anything that comes into my head which is all I ever want to do anyway, but I'm guessing that's a bad plan.

Excuse me. I have to restart my computer. Again.

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