Sep 28, 2006


So yesterday morning, I was sitting quietly and thinking to myself about the Peruvian mermaid girl, cause that's interesting. And then Guy says "Hey, did you hear about the little girl in Peru with mermaid syndrome?"

What the hell?

And last night, we watched the Season 1 Finale of The West Wing, because one Aaron Sorkin show at a time is not enough. And before the teaser is even halfway through, Guy asks "Is the President going to get shot?"

Now, for those of you who haven't seen this--or haven't seen this recently--it is entirely unclear that any shooting is going to occur until the moment before it does, because it's all relaxed and hey they're doing the wacky hip-hop gesture signal thing and Charlie's all proud of himself and the President's taking off his jacket. (Was the jacket-removal some sort of indication of vulnerability?) Also, we don't even find out that the President got shot until the Season 2 Premiere!

Okay, and just now he emailed me saying I look very pretty right now. He's across town. I could've been sitting at my desk making monster faces. I do that sometimes.

As previously stated, I don't hold with feelings and mind-reading and premonitions. My belief in these things lasts only as long as it takes to watch a Buffy episode. And Guy is a rational-type person. I would not be living with anyone who practiced tarot or kept a Ouija Board next to the Yahtzee. But he claims he's a sensitive guy and just picks up on stuff.



AwwwFancy said...

It's heredity. Our grandmother (the alive one) swears she's a witch (and not in the usual "mother-in-law" joke type of way).

But I doubt she thinks much about the Peruvian Mermaid girl.

Cordelia said...

As in she casts spells and stuff?

Wow. Can't see that at all.