Sep 26, 2006

"I've just decided it's not cool to dress like you're still in middle school"

Or some such similar line. My hands were occupied with knitting, not a pen and paper.

Okay, so what happened in last night's Studio 60? Besides Bradley Whitford's hair looking really bright blonde, but that could have been our lousy reception. Which was really lousy. We're giving up and looking into cable.

But even accounting for that handicap, I still can't think of anything that interesting that happened. Harriet got all pissy about a sex romp that didn't occur and she knows it. Matt got obsessed with a clock. Danny walked around trying really hard to be taken seriously even though his hair is bright and his name is Danny. And then there was a choir.

Guy complained that the show is just too damn tense--Matt and Danny taking over a show and having to be really pushy about it, Harriet calling on God to strike down Matt and making everybody uncomfortable, and nobody really cracking any jokes. The West Wing was definitely stressy, but it was a funny stress. You'd think a comedy show would provoke even more funny stress than running the country would.

On the other hand, Guy was freaking out for most of the episode because he was a) watching commercials against his will, and b) unable to fix the reception, despite many efforts. And I was stressed because I kept getting distracted and dropping stitches (one might suggest that I, you know, stop knitting if I want to watch a show, but I'm on a schedule. Christmas comes fast, man). So the tension may have been partly internal.

In any case, we're hoping that the jokes will improve with the reception, and anyway I'm stubborn and this is an Aaron Sorkin show with Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford so I'm just going to wait for it to quit preaching and stressing and start bringing the funny.


rj said...

I'm really enjoying the show so far, but maybe that's because it's reminiscent of Sports Night. I think Matthew Perry's particularly great (and I love seeing Timothy Busfield). Speaking of Timothy Busfield, is Thirtysomething ever going to come out on DVD??

Guy said...

Thanks to Aaron Sorkin and Cordy's ongoing love for his shows, Comcast has been contacted, and cable will be installed on Saturday. If we're going to continue to give this show a shot, and I suspect we are, it's gotta be on a clear screen. Otherwise the whole thing just gives me a headache.

Hey, at least they let Amanda Peet let her hair down and have a few expressions...

Cordelia said...

Yeah, but how can you be sure? Could've just been the snow on the screen making it LOOK like there were expressions going on...

Matthew Perry is carrying the show thus far, it's true. And Timothy Busfield had the only laugh moment.

washington guy cousin said...

Tivo... no really, ti is crack and heroin all in one... dooooooo it !!!

yeah, we don't have our DVR anymore and i miss it every moment... almost as much as I miss that i'm not drinking a dirty martini right now