Sep 14, 2006

Well, That's Disapppointing

I first had port in the summer of 2003, served to me by my older sister. I loved it. And--bonus--it was quite fashionable, as was having cool, whimsical glasses with which to serve it My sister had several collections of these fun glasses, most purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I've been trying to get Guy to try port for years, mostly because I think he'd like it, but also because it would give me an excuse to add to my collection of glassware. (We have two sets of margarita glasses, three sets of martini glasses, one set of champagne, two sets of wine, one set of beer, and several tumblers. I like glassware. And most of these, in my defense, were gifts.)

And GUESS WHAT? The other night while I was at home sneezing, Guy was out at Blue Ribbon drinking port! And he likes it (as I knew he would). More glassware for me! And port glasses are THE BEST!

However, there is a snag. Port doesn't seem to be as fashionable as it once was. I've gone to the Bed Bath website, the Crate & Barrel website, even Anthropologie, for crying out loud, and no one has fun port glasses anymore. Those who have them at all only have wine glasses passing themselves off as port glasses.

Sigh. Though I suppose my crowded cupboards and checkbook thank me.


Guy said...

Ahem, they're actually all over the web., (shocker), even Tell you what--you buy the set, I'll buy the bottle of 10-year-old tawny whatever.


Cordelia said...

It's like you don't even read before you comment--yeah, I LOOKED AT ALL THOSE. And the glasses are boring. As I said. Sheesh.

Brad said...

Ya canna do widout dem. Get de good crystal, de look-but-nuh-touch kine. Mmmm. S'it tw'early mon to have a glass o?

Cordelia said...

Yeah Brad--what, you've been mixing port in with your girly slushy drinks?

Brad said...

Ah sey mon, you know me too well. I do prefer me booze from de blendie. But I nuh gwan turn don de port.

cousin said...

Come on, ya'll. You are both pretty. Cordy, dahling, I sent you a link to some interesting port glasses. Guy, you might want to peek as well. Zey are Un-boooring.
kiss kiss - put those where you want 'em.