Sep 12, 2006

Get Out While We Still Can

I have met Guy's inlaws multiple times, but I feel we've really met this past weekend, in the Sun Tsu sense of the word. We all discovered many things about each other that perhaps, given the choice, we could have skipped knowing.

For instance, I learned that back in the way back, the family of Guy owned slaves. And kept the financial records. "One young Negro boy, $400." And the family of Guy currently owns the McDonald's down in Gitmo. Really.

Of course, just to keep things fair, Guy's family learned that if I have a martini on an empty stomach I tend to throw tantrums over absolutely nothing and refuse to come down for dinner.

Hoo boy. Next time bring the blinders.


Anonymous said...

yeah, odd to learn things about the fam, n'est-ce pas?

I can't wait to read more of your blog



Stephen said...

Oh, you little princess, "for no reason" is the *only* way to throw a good tantrum. You know what I always say, if the party's not fabulous, get drunk quick!

Ruth said...

did they feed you cookies for breakfast?

i'm sorry; this sounds terrible.

Guy said...
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Anonymous said...

As one of the in-laws, can I just say how different my prep-school high school career would've been had I known I was DAR material? If I'd've known about the slave thing, I'm sure I'd be a Harvard grad married to someone named Mitty by now. And to think I don't even know how to play tennis! A 30 year old identity crisis ...THAT'S what 65th anniversary parties result in.