Sep 25, 2006

Poor Chinless Paul Giamatti

Guy and I went to see The Illusionist yesterday. The title is a very good one--it is, in fact, about an illusionist, so really what else would it be called? However, I found myself repeating a single phrase over and over again while watching the film, and therefore I think that should be the title: "Poor Paul Giamatti."

We had a very weird experience--the ticket-taker guy said "whoa, you'll really enjoy this--tell you what, come see me after it's over and you missy, tell me how you feel, and what you want to do." His eyebrows wiggled suggestively. "And I'll tell you how you should feel."

Weird. You will not be shocked to learn that we avoided him on the way out.

Anyway, it was fun, and Paul Giamatti actually smiled at the end of the film so that was nice. On the other hand, Guy commented on how Edward Norton never smiled. Not once.

I noted that he hardly ever smiles, as he's hardly ever in happy movies, unless you count that terrible one where's he's the priest with Ben Stiller.

"That's not true," Guy says. "He smiles a lot, just in a mean and unhappy way."

"You're right," I mused. "How can someone so cranky have been with Salma Hayek? She always seems so cheery."

"Well, he was with Courtney Love before that, so they kind of cancel each other out."

Whoa. Okay, for the record, I don't read People Magazine unless I'm at the dentist's office or Guy's sister leaves a copy at my house. I try to avoid knowing things about actors or musicians or artists that I like because invariably knowing stuff about them makes me dislike them. This explains why I am so behind-the-times and out-of-touch to have not known this, and so am having this rant eight years too late.

Who the hell would go out with Courtney Love?! The ghost of Kurt Cobain would show up with a hole in his head saying "Dude, seriously. Do you think this is a good idea?" (Death makes you calmer and more laid back).

Okay. Had to get that off my chest.

But I'm afraid I have no new news to report.


Guy said...

"It's an illuuuuuuusion."
Dadblammit, I can't remember what that's from, and none of the online resources had answers. Definitely from a television show or a movie.


Anonymous said...

Mulholland Drive?

Julie said...

Keeping the Faith is a fantastic feel good movie about love in NY. Ed Norton directed it, so he can't be all that dour. It started as a joke ("a priest and a rabbi walk into a casting director's office...").

rj said...

"It's an illuuuuuuuusion" was from a Doug Henning parody. Wait: isn't that redundant?

Guy said...

A Doug Henning parody, riiiiight, but on what? SNL or something?

Julie said...

I just caught the scene in The People vs. Larry Flynt where Ed Norton argues freedom of speech in the Supreme Court. Great scene. And it came to me ... the Courtney Love connection. I've got the "how." The "why" mystery remains.

Cordelia said...

I forgot he was in that! Well spotted.