Jul 14, 2006


A wise woman once said of Anthropologie: "It's like they've captured the inner soul of woman." And indeed, there was a time when I would wander through the store (or, failing that, the catalog) and find peace and that elusive sense of dreaminess in the artfully splintered wood, the elegant yet quirky clothing, and the delicately rustic housewares.

Now, however, I think they've captured the inner soul of Bai Ling.

The evidence is everywhere, but is most clearly visible in the shoes.

I mean, come on. These boots start off perfectly normally, and then become socks. Socks for rugby players. And then have little boot-cuffs at the top. They are insane.

But perhaps not as insane as these. William Morris tapestry boots. Interesting. I especially love how there is no break from the blinding pattern--it covers the entire shoe, even the heel.

And then we have these. Perfectly normal shoes, topped by button cankles. Just what I always wanted.

And the list goes on. And on. My sanctuary has been replaced by an insane asylum.

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