Jul 17, 2006

It's uncanny

Inspired by that FourFour guy's Ode, Guy and I watched Beyond The Valley of The Dolls last night. I really have nothing to say that he hasn't already covered, except to make a certain observation:

Eerie, huh? We all know that Capt. Jack is based on Keith Richards, yada yada. I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny mines bizarre cult flicks to create characters for other would-be bizarre cult flicks.

"Hey man, my fake eyelashes make my lids so heavy I can't open them all the way. Can ya dig?"

1 comment:

Guy said...

The resemblance is uncanny!

BTVOTD was easily the greatest awful movie I've seen in ages. Thanks, 4/4 guy!

p.s. Not that your readers care, but our email server is down for the count.