Jun 17, 2006

Finished Projects Jan-June 2006

With only three balls of Manos Del Uruguay! I love the stuff, but it's too expensive to sit in my stash. . .I don't understand knitters who save their expensive yarn. Red Heart can sit in the stash, anything I buy at Purl cannot. Pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Variations on a theme. Guy's wearing his hat, and the second is the one I gave my Dad for Father's Day. There were a few more hats knitted around that time--I was a hat-knitting fiend in February--but they've been given away.

Guy continues to pose for posterity. This is the Afghan of Doom--for pattern, Ask Cordelia, if you're a masochist.

My first adventure in knitting lace! Of a sort. That poor yarn was re-knit about ten times, and this was what I could live with. I don't think this pattern is reproducible, since it's just a screw-up of English Mesh.

Me posing for a Gap Ad. Hat and scarf set for my sister as a graduation present when I thought she was going to college in San Francisco. For pattern, Ask Cordelia.

Beach Bag knit for my sister once I found out she was actually going to college in San Diego.
Adaptation on KnitWits striped bag purlsoho.com.

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