Apr 12, 2006

Quiz mania

Yesterday I took a

  • muppet quiz
  • , and humiliatingly came up Animal. I think it's just because I answered one (out of many questions) in a completely animalish way. I said I'd bang pots and pans. I just wanted to avoid being hailed as the cook.

    Today I took a
  • Jane Magazine ipod quiz
  • , and here we are.

    Jane Asks: How does the world see me?
    Meghan The Ipod Answers: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (Richard and Linda Thompson)
    Methinks: "Meet me at the station, don't be late. I need to spend some money, I just won't wait" is sadly seconded by my bank account.

    Jane Asks: Will I have a happy life?
    Meghan Answers: Golden Years (David Bowie)
    Methinks: Rock on!

    Jane Asks: What do my friends really think of me?
    Meghan Answers: Achin' To Be (The Replacements)
    Methinks: People, really. I'm not THAT angsty.

    Jane Asks: Do people secretly lust after me?
    Meghan Answers: Home Again (Carole King)
    Methinks: Probably not, then.

    Jane Asks: How can I make myself happy?
    Meghan Answers: Stu (Superdrag)
    Methinks: Uhhhhh. . .Obviously, no one has any clue.

    Jane Asks: What should I do with my life?
    Meghan Answers: Walking On Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)
    Methinks: Masochism is not a profession.

    Jane Asks: Will I ever have children?
    Meghan Answers: Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac)
    Methinks: "Lovin' starts when the lights go down"?--yes, I know HOW one gets children, thank you.

    Jane Asks: What is some good advice for me?
    Meghan Answers: For Free (Joni Mitchell)
    Methinks: So now you think I need to be MORE angsty? Cordelia says: bite me, Joni.

    Jane Asks: How will I be remembered?
    Meghan Answers: Lonely Avenue (Ray Charles)
    Methinks: Hey!!

    Jane Asks: What is my signature dancing song?
    Meghan Answers: Take Me To The River (Syl Johnson)
    Methinks: I was nervous about this one--what if I got Christina Aguilera or something?--but that's a pretty good groove.

    Jane Asks: What do I think my current theme song is?
    Meghan Answers: John Henry's Blues (Tangle Eye)
    Methinks: I really need to lighten up.

    Jane Asks: What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    Meghan Answers: Train Wreck (Sarah McLachlan)
    Methinks: Hey!!

    Jane Asks: What song will play at my funeral?
    Meghan Answers: It's a Pose (Nellie McKay)
    Methinks: Yep, cause I'm a vampire.

    Jane Asks: What type of men do I like?
    Meghan Answers: Soldier (Tangle Eye)
    Methinks: Dave, please don't listen to Meghan--she's on crack.

    Jane Asks: What is my day going to be like?
    Meghan Answers: On the Table (A.C. Newman)
    Methinks: Huh?


    Ruth said...

    "Masochism is not a profession."

    You crack me up!

    alex said...

    Meghan the iPod is awesome! I wonder if she likes Charles Douglas...

    Cordelia said...

    Meghan the iPod was being a little bitch yesterday, but I'm glad you like her. Charles Douglas has made the occasional appearance with songs sent to me by That Guy I Live With, but I've been meaning to get more. . .

    earnest said...

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