Apr 12, 2006


I was a late menstruater. And now I am a part-time mom to a child I physically could not have birthed. That image is horrifyingly similar to skanky-ass women in gold cocktail dresses hanging on the arms of aging Daddies-who-dole-out-sugar. And yet you know what I did last night? I knit little egg-warmers for their Easter Egg finding pleasure. While watching The Gilmore Girls, of course.

I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine--Beth Orton, Trailer Park

Quote (Gilmore Girls, Season 2):
Zach: Dude, Brian's breathing is louder than the song.
Brian: I've got a deviated septum. All the women in my family and me have it.
Zach: Well, it's throwing me off.
Lane: Hold your breath when we're playing, Brian. There, problem solved. Okay, come on, now, let's rock. One, two, three...
Zach: Wait. The bottom line here is that breathing should not be louder than a rock band. Am I right or am I right?


Elizabeth McAulay said...

Hey there!

best of luck with the evil stepmother thing -- big shoes to fill, huh? hee hee!

on beth orton -- I have Central Reservation and I have listened to that album thousands of times -- I love it! I take it Trailer Park is good?


Cordelia said...

Trailer Park has some good songs, but you should really check out Comfort of Strangers--I'll burn you a copy. . .

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