Apr 17, 2006

I'm hardly one to talk, but. . .

Do people have way too much time on their hands, or what? These watermelon and egg artists are certainly very talented, but it does beg the question of why? All art is fleeting, I suppose, but watermelons (like ice sculptures for that matter) are especially now-you-see-it, now-you-don't.

A question for the ages: It's Easter, and so there are a ton of boiled eggs. There's really only so many of those you can eat. Now say you like deviled eggs, but nobody else in your household does (well, Boy claims to, but he's mighty fickle.) But all those boiled eggs are just sitting there, so you make your deviled eggs. And they come out great, and are just begging to be eaten. And to be accompanied by a Bloody Mary. Some spidey sense tells you this is not such a good idea, but you go for it anyway. And you're ill.

So my question is: would you have done anything differently?

Emotional Rescue, The Rolling Stones

Willow: Don't worry, we're sure to spot Faith first. She's like this cleavagy slut-bomb walking around "Ooh, check me out, I'm wicked cool, I'm five-by-five."
Tara: Five-by-five? Five what by five what?
Willow: See, that's the thing. No one knows.

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