Apr 17, 2006

No Easter Bunny???

I have this premonition that tonight (or sometime in the near future) Boy will ask flat-out, "Is there an Easter Bunny?" At Christmas, he asked me "Do you believe in Santa?" Now, that's very different from "Is there a Santa?" and so I responded, "I love to believe in Santa"--it's all in the nuances, baby. But that's already been tried this Easter, and he's still coming at us with "Who bought the chocolate bunnies, Daddy?"

In true Cordelia fashion, I advised honesty, and Guy said: "I bought them." And he accepted it! But can that really be the end of it? Will we get away with one more year?

Dearest Cordy, what shall I tell the sensitive boy-child if he asks THE QUESTION?

Cordelia says: Tell him to quit whining and just enjoy the free chocolate, and be grateful there's no Easter Bunny. Even ignoring Anya-like phobias, what would be weirder than a giant overalls-wearing bunny wandering around your room while you're sleeping?


alex said...

There's no Easter Bunny?! Oh no!! Who have I been praying to for all these years...

dee Esq said...

Are you sure? Then who lays all those funny-colored eggs?