Jan 11, 2008

As We Walk Away From Sweeney Todd

Cordelia: I found that kind of upsetting. (Translation: I need to be fetal right now.)

Guy: I thought it was pretty good. (I thought it was pretty good, and I'm hoping that just chatting about it matter-of-factly will make her less upset.)

Cordelia: I thought so too, but I don't think I really like dark movies. (The world is terrible and awful. I feel so alone).

Guy: Are you kidding? What about Buffy? (See, it's working. We're chatting.)

Cordelia: I don't think Buffy is anywhere near as dark. (Okay, yeah, Season Six Buffy is pretty depressed and doing some not-so-healthy things, BUT SHE ISN'T KILLING HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE AND SERVING THEM UP AS SNACK FOODS.)

Guy: Well, I guess not as violent, but it's pretty dark. (She sounded a little shrill there.)

Cordelia: I. Don't. Want to talk about this anymore! (How can he think this was anything like that? I can't talk about this with him. I am alone in my sadness.)

Guy: Huh? (Huh?)


Anonymous said...

Guy is long-suffering, isn't he? Geez. You already KNOW what happens in Sweeney Todd because you've already seen it on the stage! Silly!

Cordelia said...

As a matter of fact, I was against going out of self-preservation, but Guy pouted.

awwwfancy said...

Solution: Lots and lots of Dinosaurs. Repeat.