Jan 23, 2008

Iron & Whine*

As usual, I am quite behind on all things entertainment-related. I don't watch shows until they come out on Netflix ("Oh my GOD! McDreamy's married?!?") and I don't buy music until I see it on everybody's top ten list of albums of the year.

So I bought Iron & Wine's The Shepherd's Dog. Now, I have always had great love for Iron & Wine, and it's been my longstanding belief that it'd be great music to slit my wrists by. (Not a criticism--every emotion needs it own soundtrack. Although I'm not allowed to listen to The Creek Drank The Cradle in February.) (AndI have to be careful to whom or how I make that joke. I went to a party at Boy and Girl's Mom's house, and she was playing Iron & Wine, and I was all "Damn! You're playing that? You planning on handing out razor blades with the cheese plate?" Must remember that not everyone shares my sense of humor. Still embarrassed about that.)

However, The Shepherd's Dog isn't like that.** For one thing, it's a lot less muddy. Since Sam Beam didn't make it in his basement and all. And it feels like an album, which so few do. Like Cat Power's The Greatest, I have trouble picking out any particular song. It's not that they don't stand out and have their own specific melodies and moods. They do, but they run into one another so well, producing one uber-melody. (I really just wrote uber-melody. But I couldn't think of another phrase that describes what I mean. Sorry). It's raucous at times--Wolves, The Devil Never Sleeps--but, while some disagree, I didn't find it any less melodic and pensive for that. Melodic, pensive--but not tragic. It makes me feel peaceful, but not bored. Or, you know, suicidal. I'm content to sit and listen.

Constantly. Guy and I are wearing down the cd. Just imagine if we'd gotten it months ago.

*Really no whining here for a change. (That I can think of, anyway...) I just couldn't resist.
**With one notable exception. Resurrection Fern still makes me want to reach for my bottle of sleeping pills.*** But, you know, in a good way.
***I'm not ready to make jokes about Heath Ledger, as I am genuinely sad. This was not a joke about Heath Ledger.

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