Aug 6, 2007

Must. Get Off. Ravelry.

Gah. Just got back from vacation. (That story forthcoming). So I have MUCH WORK to do. But lo! I got into Ravelry! So clearly I must spend my time posting the projects I've done....and remembering all the projects I've done! (Because dude. It's embarrassing. I need to get out more). But also reading about--whoa! Mystery Stole has a theme! And it's Swan Lake! And there's....a wing? Really? A wing. What does everybody else in the world have to say about this? And ooooh, patterns!

Yeah. Half of my brain still thinks I'm on vacation.

But see what I did while I was there!

Shoulda turned the backlight setting on the camera--the top picture is more like the actual color. Guess I'm Odile.

Wing. Huh.

A wing.


b&g's mom said...

Dang! that's stunning. Nicely done!

Tini said...

really nice!!!!