Apr 25, 2007

Heroes gives me nightmares

And not because of Sylar's crucifixion of Isaac. It's because of Peter and Claire.

See, from the moment Peter saved the cheerleader, I've been convinced those two should hook up. They're good together! And he needs a woman. Badly. So she's only sixteen--she's very mature for her age! And they're Heroes--they should stick together.

But then the stupid show had to go and make Nathan her father and now Peter's her uncle, and first of all, how soap opera-y is that? And second of all, noooooo they have such good chemistry you can't just waste that kind of thing on elaborate inbreeding!

Even last night, when Claire pulls the piece of glass out of Peter's head and revives him in a reverse Sleeping Beauty, I was all "Ooh, they should kiss!" Except no, because it would be sick and wrong.

And so last night I went to sleep still seething with frustration that will never go away unless we discover that Nathan isn't Claire's father, that it's really Linderman or something. Hey, a girl can dream. And I did.

I dreamt that because of something to do with my uncle, I wouldn't be able to get married unless my father married my sister.

Sick and wrong.

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Guy said...

Gah. No wonder you didn't look all that rested this morning... Me, I was wiped from dreaming about looking around the neighborhood for an escaped Maud.