Apr 26, 2007

And Now For Something Only Sort Of Different

I'm not one for nature shows. Ever. Oooh, a dumbass in a cage is being circled by a shark! And a lion ate a caribou! That is SO THRILLING. AND NOT AT ALL GROSS.

But I am obsessed with The Discovery Channel's Planet Earth. (This is a weird time to post this though, because last week's episode featuring a giant hill of batshit swarming with cockroaches? Not recommended).

I can't say that I've learned anything super-exciting about any of the animals featured. Lots of creatures depend on grass and water. Birds of any feather, when it comes to choosing where to birth or raise their young, are COMPLETE DUMBASSES. Animals eat other animals' babies. And take those babies to feed their own babies, who would otherwise starve to death.

Yeah, not new.

But the footage is incredible. Absolutely amazing shots--I spend the entire hour gasping and ooohing and ahhhing over how stunning the world is. I look forward to watching these even more than I look forward to rewatching episodes of Buffy. Which may not seem like a resounding recommendation but it really is.

The cutest little bear cub ever! Love love want to hug and squeeze (there are lots of cute babies on this show. I do wonder what the evolutionary reasoning is behind making humans love all babies--other animals certainly don't seem to share this tendency).

That's a herd of something or other down there. I don't care what exactly, it's just beautiful.

Lots of elephants on this show. Elephants seem to live in many many different kinds of climates. But dude, check out that sand dune.

That right there is a snow leopard. I haven't seen this episode yet, but I'm excited.

Even those who already know the story of the emperor penguins (because seriously, there was a whole movie about them already, which was probably being shown while the poor Planet Earth guys were out there filming the penguins. Suckers.) will enjoy this. Is pretty.

Very pretty.

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