Oct 3, 2006

"Well, your teeth are pretty big."

We are still without cable (potentially more on this later from Guest Blogger Guy), so Studio 60 was still fuzzy, and dark everywhere except for Danny's hair. Driving me crazy that hair dye is.

However, I quite enjoyed last night's episode. It had a bit more action than the previous one, and returned to dealing with issues while still being funny (I love Tom Cruise impersonations, can't help it). I look forward to the days when they stop feeling the need to tell us that there are good guys and bad guys and which ones are which, in case we didn't catch the first ten times they said network=bad, and everybody who fights with the network=good.

I love the Big Three, and their interactions--I was expecting more of that from Matt; brainstorming, playing ideas off each other, etc, and mostly we just have him sitting in front of his computer looking glum, which makes it really hard to believe that the stuff he's writing is funny.

What is amusing is that five seconds before Jordan showed up to plant a big kiss on Danny's mouth, prompting the line "Well, there's only one way this story's going to go"--cut to Harriet and Jordan--is that I was thinking to myself "They need to get Danny a woman." He's too cut off and above everyone--including Matt, when you consider the patriotic/unpatriotic machinations (and let's talk about how that conversation went: don't read it--are you a boy cat or a girl cat--you're a pussy boy and you need to make fun of Bush more because God knows there's not enough of that going on). He needs a woman to bring him down amongst the rest of them and also so we can laugh at him because that's always fun.

I'm not sure Jordan's the woman though. I liked her a lot better this episode--she was more human, she was funny, she seemed genuinely happy instead of scary zombie smile. But seriously, what is she doing there all the time? I recognize that she went out on a limb for this show and so it is important for her career, but doesn't she have like five hundred other shows to worry about? Surely there's stuff going on there too.

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Guy said...

Sorry to disappoint, Cordy, but I'm afraid I used up all my ranting in a letter to Comcast. (It wasn't that funny, anyway--just severely pissed off and factual.) What did it get me? Why, a 2nd free month of cable!

Silver lining, babe.