Oct 2, 2006

Untapped Market

As I prepare Maud's evening meal, I always announce to her what I will be serving: tuna & chicken, oceanfish, lamb & beef...

Lamb & beef? I understand the others, but when was the last time you saw a cat on the hunt for a tasty bit of mutton? Try to imagine a hoard of kittens attempting to bring down a cow--the cow would flick its tail, look over its shoulder in mild annoyance, and then go back to spazzing as cows do. And I have noticed a marked difference in the amount of purring and quivering in pleasure when Maud eats chicken instead of beef.

I really think Purina and NutriSource should look into producing foods that cats eat. Or better yet, I should get in on this pet food goldmine--hey, it's not every niche market that gets an entire row at every single grocery store.

Rat canned cat food. Or mouse--or both, for variety. I'm kinda going with no on the tweety bird front--too much care required for too little production value. But goldfish? Get enough of them ground up and you'd have one happy kitty.

The only problem I've having is with the name...Rat Cat Food, while certainly descriptive and appealing to cats, is probably not quite as appealing to the person wielding the wallet. Any suggestions?


Guy said...

Nasty Critter Nibblies?

Anonymous said...

But you don't remember! You CAN buy rat cat food. They are sold frozen, and ready to eat. Of the white variety.