Aug 7, 2006


Guy and I--AND BOY AND GIRL--are flying off to Hawaii. Yes, we are well-prepared for the eleventy-hour flight with a borrowed portable dvd player (danke) and Barbie activity books and yarn for me to cast on for Boy and then re-cast on ten minutes later when he's gotten bored and ripped it out and then gotten re-interested and wants to try again, and money for expensive plane alcohol (which I've never actually tried, but since my mother recently condoned it, and what with the casting on, I think all bets are off).

Of greater concern than the flight is the sad and lonely kitten. We have visitors all set to visit (and feed while they're at it, you'll be relieved to know), but please send all loving vibes Maud-way.

So, suffice it to say there will be a ten-day hiatus here in Cordyland.

(That'd be a WAY better game than Candyland--imagine the cruel possibilities...instead of going through the molasses swamp, you have to suffer through the Cordettes' criticism of your clothes, hair, lifestyle, etc. Or--this would be better--instead of it being you versus Cordelia, you would be Cordelia, and kick demon ass in the Lollypop Forest and be tactlessly right all the time.)

Oh, one more thing: who the hell is Stephen?


Stephen said...

You sound as confused as Adam on mother's day. Honey, I'm your biggest fan! All the queens and I are going to die - 10 days without you and that Maud-ie-poo. You just go to Hawaii and get lei-ed!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on your site cos of the "what would cordy do?". Love it.

Jeremy said...

I just love how you have a huge fan named stephen and you have no idea who he is. Anyway, I just thought I would pop in and give a quick hello, its late, I have two large glasses worth of martinis in me and my mind is deprived of anything remotly witty or interesting, so I leave you with a quote....

Love your blog name by the way.