Jul 13, 2006

Is it bad that Saddam is cracking me up?

Although I doubt that's his intention.

But come on. Hunger strikes? Boycotts, for crying out loud? This is some mighty creative lawyering.

In other news, Archbishop Milingo, who went crazy in 2001 and married somebody, changed his mind when he was threatened with ex-communication. So I guess he's now. . .divorced? Since I don't know what grounds there would be for annulment.

The Church sent him on "a year of rehabilitation in South America" (as though marriage were drug addiction), but apparently it didn't take. He has returned, saying he doesn't want to leave the Church, but to change it, urging priests to "come out of their Catholic prisons and be reinstated, taking once more their pastoral responsibility among the married priests."

This is nearly as absurd as Jews for Jesus. Just convert to a different sect, pal! It seems like there's one to suit everyone's specific needs, surely that would be easier. Also, I completely didn't understand your battle cry. A little more clarity would be helpful.

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