Jun 30, 2006

Day 7

I've decided that I find the Soho portion of the walk far more interesting than the Village portion. There are cuter shops, nicer clothes, no creepy doormen with foot fetishes (yeah, there's this guy who every afternoon, is sitting out on the sidewalk watching people's feet. It's very odd. And I actually know people who live in that building). Soho's really just astonishing--even the clothes being sold on the street are stunning. And never less than $60. I do bemoan the fact that I haven't had a celebrity sighting yet, although somebody in my office saw Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts yesterday (if only I'd gone out for lunch!)

So yesterday, I dragged Soho out for as long as it would go, but suddenly I hit 6th Avenue, and Prince Street even changed its name, it was so unwilling to be associated with that part of town. So I continued along Charlton Street and up Varick, and MAN is Soho so much nicer. I was walking along muttering to myself about how wrong it is that within a block you can go from a place that sells cute jewelry on tables to a place that sells passports and stolen watches on tables.

As I walked to Hudson Street along...Clarkson? Some street. I'd stopped paying attention by that point. But if you know the city, it's the corner where there's a teeny little baseball diamond. Some guy came rushing out of there and asked me "Do you like The Beastie Boys?"

"Not particularly," I answered.

"Okay, well...I have to tell somebody. They're right there playing baseball. There's a guy taking pictures and everything!" And he dragged me over and pointed out the various Beastie Boys by name--not that I remember them--and by description--not that I recognized them. But he was pretty convincing.

So we have a celebrity sighting! Or some jerk messing with me for no apparent reason.

Season of the Shark, Yo La Tengo

Jack Sparrow: [looking at all the swords] Who makes all these?
Will Turner: I do. And I practice with them three hours a day.
Jack Sparrow: You need to find yourself a girl mate. Or perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch are you?

(My favorite line. Could cry it's so funny. Extra-grammatical humor rules).

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J said...

The Beastie Boys! They wrote the single greatest song of the ought years.

It Takes Time To Build

Stop building SUVs strung out on OPEC
Hold up wait up you know we come correct
You wanna change things up, well hey just get set
It's easier to sit back than stick out your neck
It's easier to break things than build it correct
We've got a president we didn't elect
The Kyoto treaty he decided to neglect
And still the US just wants to flex
Keep doin' that wop we gonna break our necks

It takes a second to wreck it
It takes time to build
You gots to chill

Hate filled people wanna keep us in check
Tearin' down each other is what they expect
If you want love, well, hey that's a bet
We've got to give before we can get
Waiting like a batter who is on deck
When it's time to wreck shop then shop I'll wreck
So let's calibrate and check our specs
We need a little shift on over towards the left
I don't really know but I suspect
I think it's due time that we inspect
How they get their information and their facts are checked
Another press conference someone's talking out their neck

It takes a second to wreck it
It takes time to build
You gots to chill

So step up to the window and place your bets
Is the US gonna keep breaking necks
Maybe it's time that we impeach Tex
And the military muscle that he wants to flex
By the time Bush is done what will be left
Selling votes like E-pills at the discotheque
Environmental destruction and the national dept
But plenty of dollars left in the fat war chest
What the real deal why you can't connect
Why you hating people that you never met
Didn't your mama teach you to show some respect?
Why not open your mind for a sec?

It takes a second to wreck it
It takes time to build
You gots to chill