May 15, 2006

Yard Update

Poor Mrs. Robin had to abandon her eggs, for people were outside! The poor thing hovered anxiously on our neighbor's fire escape, praying that we would stop mucking around with her world and let her get back to her sitting.

We did eventually. Yard work in a teeny yard really doesn't take that long. But we mowed! Mowed the grass that we grew, that sprung up from the barren dirt! And now there's grass that needs mowing! I've never been so excited about mowing in my life!

And thankfully, I didn't actually have to do any of the mowing. Guy and Boy went at it with this antique pushmower left by Bella and Hattie, the two former owners/little old lady sisters-of-pain (those old women had padlocks on the windows, every door everywhere, steel plating over the backdoor, (fire safety was not big with them) and, best of all, a lock to KEEP SOMEONE IN THE BASEMENT.) They even got out scissors to trim the borders--once again, small yard, not as ridiculous as it sounds.

And Girl went nuts with her brand new watering can. Girl loves to water. You have to watch her to make sure she doesn't drown anything.

And I wandered around admiring my favorite things in the whole world:

We have lilies of the valley. I have ALWAYS wanted lilies of the valley, and we didn't even have to plant them--they were just there, in true Secret Garden-style.

Of course, The Secret Garden didn't have squirrels. Goddamn squirrels ATE MY BASIL!! What are they, Italian squirrels? Is Guiseppe Squirrel going off to make some pesto? I wanted to make pesto, you bastard. So now we have indoor basil, and I only have to watch out for Guy. I bet he's a basil thief. . .freaking Italians. Oh, sorry Sicilians.

But best of all, I got to plant my Mother's Day present--yippee! I got a Mother's Day present, and I didn't even have to go through the trauma of childbirth! Boy and Girl, funded and guided by Guy, got me a sun pixie lily.

And Boy made me a tissue-flower bouquet in school. Apparently, he was the only kid to make two presents for Mother's Day--either the divorce rate isn't as bad as they claim, or I am one good stepmama.

Sheila Take A Bow, The Smiths

Lorelai: Rory is very low maintenance. Kind of like that robot kid in A.I., only way less mother-obsessed. Oh my God, that kid was so annoying. I would've pushed him out of the car while it was still moving.
(Gilmore Girls)


Anonymous said...

Dear Cordy,
I promise to leave your basil alone.
Might mess with the cilantro, though! Need migas!

ishy said...

Mmmm... squirrels.... tasty...

that girl said...

ishy only wishes he could get a squirrel. many years did he salivate over squirrels. many years did they taunt and tease him. now he has an excuse that he's not allowed outside....

anyway, i want to see a picture of this special lily