May 9, 2006

Pictures Lie A Thousand Times

This was pre-hike, so all was jolly and lovely. Tons of falling down houses around there--such fodder for artsy photographs, my father would be so proud. If only I knew how to work Guy's camera to make said photos all artsy.

Pretty, huh? You know why Guy's not in the picture? Cause he's off defecating all over the beautiful treesy-mossy goodness.

Oh, isn't that idyllic? And romantic? And you know what's happening as we're sitting there staring into each other's eyes? A tick is crawling up my goddamn pants!!!

Ahhh, sunset. . .the sign to birds everywhere that it is time to START SINGIN'!!!


Smackwater Jack, Carole King

Richard: Focus, please.
Lorelai: I am a camera.
(Gilmore Girls)


anna said...

love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Did you take these photos? Hey, too good! I was about to ask you what kind of person would not like the comforting sound of birds chirping at night, when I considered that few of us here on the island are thrilled with the night joys brought by the coqui invasion. The little critters are moving on up the mountain, too, and the Julie's Volcano coqui patrol is hot on the trail of any errant frog who shows up for a visit . . . Personally, I think it's a lost cause.

Anonymous said...