May 10, 2006

Boredom Burns Calories

Dear Cordy,

I know I should exercise regularly, since my doctor always tells me that and I definitely feel better when I do. However, I find it all so boring. What's a mostly-fit demon to do?

Cordelia Says:

Who do I know that actually exercises, rather than just thinks about it? Ooh, you could do Tai Chi, like Angel! Actually, I really wouldn't recommend that, since it looks like the most mind-numbing activity on the planet.

I know exercising is supposed to be so healthy and all, but if you hate it, then it's really not doing you much good, is it? I try to keep in shape--can't have flab pushing out of my designer jeans, after all. But all the running away from evildoers and kicking and punching, and pulling that drawstring on my crossbow (that thing's a bitch) pretty much takes care of any damage done by the late-night Ben & Jerry's binges.

Of course, I recognize that not everyone prefers my method of exercise either. But the point is, do something you enjoy--jogging might burn calories, but if it also burns brain cells, it's probably a waste of time. Your doctor may not agree, but I'm sure your shrink would.

Try playing a sport--competition usually eliminates boredom. Or go dancing. Or play really fast checkers. Whatever works.

Tired Hippo, Yo La Tengo

Angel: I don't get them. Power walkers. Why not just walk? Or run for better time?

Rory: Run around the block.
Lane: Why?
Rory: I don't know.
Lane: Good enough for me.
(Gilmore Girls)

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