Apr 20, 2006

To All Naysayers:

You know what's a highly underrrated experience? Watching grass grow. It's actually fascinating. Because it is not a slow process at all! Yesterday evening, Girl and I went out to turn on the sprinkler, and there was no grass. I know because I checked. I am, after all, obsessive.

Well, Girl must have superpowers. Because this morning, we had, in places, up to two and a half inches of grass! Overnight!

And so, to all of you who said "Don't you think you should spring for sod?" "Do you really think grass can grow in such a shady spot?", I say "Thhhhbbt!"

With My Own Two Hands, Jack Johnson Feat. Ben Harper

Dave: What we need is a name.
Brian: I made my suggestion.
Zach: Yeah, and we vetoed "The Harry Potters." Next.
Brian: So yours is better?
Zach: "Follow Them to the Edge of the Dessert" is memorable and classy.
Brian: I run out of breath every time I say it.
Zach: You've got asthma, dude. You run out of breath saying your name.
Dave: Yeah, Brian, we can't work our name around your respiratory illnesses.
Brian: Even without an inhaler, "Follow Them to the Edge of the Dessert" is too long.
Zach: Yeah, but when we get famous, our fans will shorten it to F-T-T-T-E-O-T-D.
(The Gilmore Girls)

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