Apr 20, 2006

Creating Messed Up Children

Yesterday, Girl announced that she wants to refer to "it" as her "front."

Now, pleased as I was to be told that I no longer have to shout "Did you wipe your vagina??" across the house, discussing euphemisms with someone who can't pronounce the word is equally awkward. And I also don't want to create sexually repressed or bodily issues-ridden children by allowing them to swallowed up in society's sexual sheepishness.

Cordelia, what have you to say?

Cordelia says:Well, honestly, you're not the one giving her issues. You're comfortable with her body, but she's trying to create a little distance and privacy. Which makes sense, if she can't be trusted to wipe her own self. And while I understand your hesitation to give in to euphemisms, do you really think it's better to risk being embarrassed by Girl shouting "My vagina itches!" while you're in the grocery store? A little sexual sheepishness may not be such a bad thing, considering that the world is not Burning Man.


Anonymous said...

did you know that the vulva is the vestibule of the the vagina. I didn't make it up...i read it on dictionary.com. I'm going to start saying that more often...

Cordelia said...

I think that would be even worse, actually