Apr 28, 2006


Let's get this straight right now: Phoebe Snow is not THAT old. She looks about sixty. And she sounds freaking fantastic.

I'm serious--to any and all doubters (including pre-show Guy. And pre-show me) let me state now that Phoebe Snow has lost nothing. That lady can sing. I don't think I've been so excited at a concert in a really long time; this was way better than The Stones (well, I was sitting a hell of a lot closer to Phoebe. But then, at The Rolling Stones, I was practically in a different ozone layer). I was doing some chair dancing and some knuckle-biting--she has this way of hitting a note so that you can't even breathe until she's good and ready to let you.

However, I'm apparently not a real Phoebe Snow fan. She played only three songs that I'd heard her sing before (yes, including Poetry Man--she's not stupid). At one point, she said "This is another song from a record that came out a year or two ago. Ignore that record, we're redoing it." And I thought, "Hey, she's had recent records?" Ignoring it wasn't really an issue for me. But I enjoyed the concert all the more. Yeah, I really wanted her to play Two-Fisted Love or Never Letting Go, but I just listened to those on Meghan on the way home. And, best of all, I found a new Phoebe Snow song to love.

Oh, by the way: Home is a very good restaurant, yes. But their ketchup is overrated. Heinz is totally the way to go.

Natural Wonder, Phoebe Snow

Ford: I wanna be like you. A vampire.
Spike: I've known you for two minutes, and already I can't stand you. I really don't feature you living forever.

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