Jan 3, 2008

Bad Things That Happened To Me Today

7:45 AM Wake up. 'Nuff said.

8:50 AM Walk out the door. Ow. It's fucking cold. And Bob Dylan's Return To Me is playing on my iPod because God knows why I have it on there and it sucks and my hands are too cold to take out of my pocket to skip the song.

8:57 AM The PATH platform is shoulder to shoulder. Police Action and 20 min delays. I am suffering from slight claustrophobia.

9:25 AM I finally get on a train, but I am stuck in the middle of the car with nothing to hold on to. Luckily, it is so crowded that I can just crash back and forth into people's shoulders with no fear of falling down.

9:45 AM Walking to work. Ow. It's fucking colder.

10:15 AM Spill glass of water all over my desk, keyboard, notebook, shoes, and pants.

10:30 AM Realize headache and lack of coordination is most likely result of glass of paint thinner aka eggnog I foolishly drank last night.

11:00 AM Wish boss would stop being randomly snippy. Understand it is not actually directed at me, but still. Is annoying.

12:00 PM Look at NYNZ and back at my own post-in-progress and realize that I too suffer from a brain that has been exposed to too much Bridget Jones. Realize that I had already realized that this morning as I walked to the bathroom thinking "Resolution Number One: drink less."

1:00 PM Go to get my unexciting lunch of leftovers from yesterday's lunch out of the office refrigerator, only to discover that someone had eaten most of it, but put back the three or four bites of rice they didn't want. Very thoughtful.

1:02 PM Send mildly nasty email round the office, receive many queries of what exactly it was that I had planned on eating for lunch, as well as offers of someone to walk with while I buy another lunch.

1:15 PM Eat someone else's food that was in the refrigerator as surely this is the Karmic thing to do (but only after ascertaining that it is indeed up for grabs).

1:30 PM Post complaints on Blogger in hopes that day will turn around once I make my unhappiness known to the universe at large.


Guy said...

Will do my darndest to insure a more enjoyable evening, 'kay? And hey, tomorrow will be a decent amount warmer.

Guy said...

Y'know, in light of this post, we really oughtn't have watched APOCALYPSE NOW last night.

awwwfancy said...

Nothing goes better with paint-thinner egg nog (you're welcome!) than napalm in the morning.