Oct 31, 2007

When Did This Stop Being Fun?

When I ended up with only two women and no Jeff Tweedy. And no British Sea Power. And no Josh Ritter. And--sigh.

Bob Dylan
Neil Young
Joni Mitchell
David Bowie
Brian Wilson
Marvin Gaye
Elvis Costello
Tom Waits
Bruce Springsteen
Van Morrison
Stevie Wonder
John Fogarty
Paul Simon
Rufus Wainwright
Fleetwood Mac

I also had to remove all Jazz/Musical people.

This list is a shadow of itself. Also I personally despise two of the entries, and never listen to six of them.


Anonymous said...

This is a good list!!! (exept for Madonna and Prince, you can take them off. Please.)

Cordelia said...

If I could, I would, but my criteria demand music that others love.

I had to leave off Carole King, for God's sake!

But I did leave off Michael Jackson. Take consolation in that.

b&g's mom said...

wait -- i'm confused. Lots of people love Carole King. Her album Tapestry has sold over ten million records, and songs like "Up on the Roof," "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" and "Some Kind of Wonderful" get covered again and again, and people keep having hits with them.

Lastly, since it's your list, shouldn't you have anyone you want on it?

Anonymous said...

Too true! She's right!

Cordelia said...

I just got super grouchy. About, um, obligations to the masses that I actually don't have at all.

awwwfancy said...

I even thought of Carole King, and I'm no fan. She certainly has a prolific career--didn't she start writing barely out of her teens?

awwwfancy said...

Also, I wonder how much of Madonna's stuff is really truly hers. And I'd at least consider Alex Chilton, no?

Cordelia said...

You are too late. Shoo. Be off with you. Or better yet, get in the fucking car already.