Oct 16, 2007

If there's anyone asking did you get a rush

I find it difficult to write about music that I love without sounding like I'm in high school. Is that why critics always seem to dislike everything--because they want to avoid sounding all gushy?

British Sea Power is a widely unknown (except for a few people who really care what Daniel Radcliffe thinks), deeply weird, and fucking amazing band. I've seen them at the Bowery Ballroom, Staten Island, and now Maxwell's. They've taken my breath away every single time. If we weren't seeing Springsteen on Thursday, we'd be at the Bowery Ballroom again. They're that good.

They rock harder than any other band that I love. The last time I saw a show at Maxwell's, I had a migraine and Yo La Tengo was playing. I ordinarily find Yo La rather soothing, but not live. And not there. Not all echo-y. We had to leave.

Last night, I hobbled around (I have a beesting, more on that later) and wouldn't use my earplugs because I felt too distanced, too removed. I wanted to be completely present. (See what I mean about the highschoolish?) My ears ring, my beesting vibrates, but I care not. Songs that don't mean much to me on cd suddenly become vibrant and powerful. Songs that I love make me jump--or bob vigorously, anyway. Am I a member of the Third Battalion (as wikipedia tells me their fan base calls itself)? I know not.

Counterclockwise, from right*:

Eamon. No longer in the band, now singing crazily in Brakes Brakes Brakes. I miss his drumming antics, but (sorry Guy) the keyboards must not have made much of an impact, for I noticed nothing amiss.

Hamilton. Despite How Will I Ever Find My Way Home, is probably still working in an office and paying his bills. Takes out his frustration on his bass.

Wood. The only drummer that has ever made me say "That guy is an amazing drummer." Holding the band together is a tough job, and keeping his drumming interesting is an art. He misses crew. It was simpler.

Yan. Certifiable. Paints houses while listening to "Leaves of Grass" on tape. Writes Elegiac stanzas for me.

Noble. His father and three brothers are all highly decorated military officers. He is a very restrained rebel.

*Pure fantasy. But so might be anything else you read about them.

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Guy said...

http://earfarm.blogspot.com has some very nice pics from the Maxwells show, and the guys that write it clearly share your big love of BSP.