Jul 18, 2007

Too Tired For Titles

Happy Birthday, Maud.

I had a dream last night, during the very little sleep that I had, that you were lying stretched out across the floor like you always are, only you had died in the night.

(I also dreamt that somebody poisoned my dog. A dog that is long dead).

And then I stumbled across Crazy Aunt Purl’s death of Roy, got to Loggins & Messina and started crying at my desk.

(Stupid Loggins & Messina. Of course, I cry at the drop of a hat when I don’t sleep).

I am very tired.

I love my cat, the baaaaaby, the bunny, the crabby old woman, and the friend who hears me crying in the middle of the night and calls to see if I’m okay.

I love the man who gave me the cat, who wants to be awakened when I can’t sleep even though he knows it means he won’t be able to get back, who can hold me and keep me calm when I panic, and who just wants me to be happy. And to sleep.

Perhaps tonight, I will love Ambien.

1 comment:

Guy said...

British Sea Power's song "The Land Beyond" played as I read your post. They were singing "See to the land beyond," but it sure sounded like "Sleep to the Ambien."

I am not making this up.