Jun 13, 2007

And Now I Have Gone Blind

This week is crazy-ass. Everybody's cranky. After sweltering and begging Guy to run fetch me a tank top because the high-necked cotton shirt, it binds!, it is chilly and windy on the day we're going to take the kids to a concert in Battery Park. I spent my morning redoing a buttonhole THREE GODDAMN TIMES (Once because it was too small. Twice because it was too big. Thrice because I didn't put it in the right spot (and no, I didn't notice that the other two times I did it.) But it was my very first buttonhole. And now I am experienced!)

And that's not even counting the random craziness. I saw a hungover guy walking down the street consuming a morning after Pellegrino straight out of the bottle. (Predictably, the street down which he walked was 5th Avenue). I saw a woman wearing garishly patterned bloomers that gathered together at her knees to become leggings. I say it again: bloomers that turned into leggings.

And then Zappos saw fit to share with me the following atrocities:

They are lavender ballet flat crocs. Crocs that are ballet flats. In lavender. Will horrors never cease?

In an effort to turn the week around, I went to Purl and bought yarn for Craftster's wisp knitalong. Madil's kid seta in taupe. (It looks more like a light peach in person).

But I want to have it finished for a wedding in two weeks. And so the craziness continues.


Ruth said...

I used to like Pellegrino when I was hungover too. Something about the bubbles. . . they soothe your stomach and help you guzzle down the much-needed waterlike (and strangely/comfortingly boozelike!) fluid.

Cordelia said...

Yeah, nobody seems to think it was odd but me. And perhaps it was not--perhaps I have only revealed my hick roots. "Buy water? But water is free! And the fancy sparkling water is only for snobby snobs who look down on me and I'm SO much better than them!"

Or something to that effect.

B & G's mom said...

Did you see the pattern for Coachella on the new knitty? I think that would look really good on you.

Cordelia said...

I like it! I'm not sure about the back, is my only concern...