Apr 8, 2007

And they say Christmas is commercial....

I got up really goddamn early this morning. I decided it was imperative that the kids wake up and go upstairs and find eggs that were hidden last night. I can no longer remember why.

However, the kids certainly seemed to appreciate it. Guy and I decided to break from tradition, and not buy Willy Wonka death-in-an-egg, but give them a Jacques Torres chocolate in each egg. Very popular move. And I borrowed Kat's pattern and made chicks for each of them. And when they found the chicks they got a matching box of Peeps. Because I am a huge dork.

And it was honestly adorable.

I was much less enamored of the whole thing on Friday though. Guy is no longer allowed to shop at Jacques Torres without me, because without proper supervision, he has been known to spend hundreds of dollars. On chocolate. That's just ridiculous. He was under strict instructions to buy a box of 25 chocolates and nothing else.

Cordelia: You spend how much at Jacques Torres?

Guy: $38. Totally reasonable.

Cordelia: On Easter candy?? Those boxes are $27--where did the other ten dollars go?

Guy: Well, there were these beautiful little robin's nests...and I got eggs, because they're not getting Cadbury Creams, and...

Cordelia: You know, I already spent, like, two and a half bucks on those Peeps. We're not made of money, you know!

Guy: Who bought shoes today?

Ahem. Yes. The real issue was that I'm a selfish shoe whore. I had just purchased Geox Kink 9's* (because I'm jealous of Girl's boots and these were the closest I could get). And I need (want) a new bag. And new earphones. And I got this 20% off card from Aerosoles....

Guy: So you're blaming me for your buyer's remorse?

Cordelia: Candy doesn't last! Shoes are forever!

*Found by Guy, who spent hours searching around Zappo's and Nordstrom for me. XOXO.


Guy said...

Jacques Torres chocolates (mrchocolate.com) are worth every dollar. I'd rather the kids get used to eating great chocolate--theoretically, it'll make it less likely that they'll find standard candy pleasing. (Okay, maybe it's unlikely, but it's still worth testing my notion...)

Guy said...

And another thing: it took me exactly 20 minutes on the net to find your boots. (He said, just in case his boss reads Cordy's blog...)