Mar 22, 2007

My Very First Free Pattern!

Well, I've invented other patterns before this, but this was the first one I thought anybody would ever want to imitate, shapeless and knotty shirts never being especially popular. (And whyfor? They're so flattering!)

And so, in honor of the first week of Spring and therefore the approach of temperatures where gloves can be fingerless:

This uses--hooray!--one skein of Alchemy's Silk Purse yarn, which is the only number of skeins I can afford. I have to warn you, though--beautiful as it is, Silk Purse is a pain in the ass. I started calling it The Green Dragon, as it wants to catch and devour everything. Really.

Fingerless Gloves: Make 2
1 skein Alchemy Silk Purse: Spruce
US Size 6 dpns
US Size 9 crochet hook

2 sizes: small, large

Twisted rib: [K1tbl, P1]

Mini-vine lace pattern for in the round (mult. 7+3)
R1: k2 *yo, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, yo, k1, rep. from *, end k1
R2 & all even rounds: k
R3: k1 *yo, k1, ssk, k2tog, k1, yo, k1, rep. from *, end k2

*Note: Mini-vine lace pattern for rows is exactly the same; just purl instead of knit the even rows.

CO 32 (38) sts, divide onto 3 needles. Join, k around.

Work in twisted rib pattern for one inch. For smaller size only, on last round, end p1, ssk (31, 38 sts).

PM. Sl 1st st from 2nd needle onto 1st needle. Marker indicates end of round.

Knit 8 inches in mini-vine lace pattern, end with R1

*Note: The number of stitches on each needle will vary as you will have to slip stitches from one needle to another occasionally to work the pattern. As long as the total stitch count remains the same, this is fine.

Thumb: For the next 8 rows, the stitches will be worked back and forth in rows.

Turn, p away from the marker. At end of row, turn and continue with Row three. Repeat in pattern for six more rows.

In the next row, rejoin and K around. Continue in pattern for 2 inches.

Picot bind-off:

BO4, sl st back onto needle, cable CO 1 st, BO 5. Repeat until all sts are bound off. Weave in ends.

Try on glove (it will be tight—so as to stretch out the lace and avoid blocking!) There should be a picot peak right around the knuckle of your middle finger. Using crochet hook, attach yarn at 2 sts before this peak, and work single crochet, chaining 6 (8) sts (or whatever will be comfortable). Attach chain 2 sts after peak, creating a loop to slip your middle finger through, Cruella DeVille-style.


Ruth said...

I can't knit but -- lovely! Your manicure looks nice too.

Anonymous said...

In this line, R1: k2 *yo, ko, ssk, k2tog, k1, yo, k1, rep. from *, end k1

What is KO?

Nikki Van De Car said...

Weird blogger typo--supposed to be k1!! Thank you!