Feb 20, 2007

People Who Knit With Glass Needles

So I went to see it, but just the one time. I might have stayed to see the next showing, under different circumstances, were I not
a) starving
b) annoyed that the screen wasn't much bigger than somebody's nice widescreen (not mine, I don't have one), and annoyed that the cleaning crew/the next showings' viewers kept coming in during the movie since it started really late
c) afraid I might run into the guy who asked me out for a cup of coffee, which was probably unfair of me since he was very nice and not creepy and went away right after I said no thanks, but there you are
and d) pissed because Edward Norton DIES at the end.

I was afraid of that. Probably should've read the book. Why do they always have to die in movies like this? Cold Mountain? He dies. Anna and The King? Not one of my favorites, but he still dies. English Patient? They all die. What the hell? Can't they make a sweeping, dramatic, romantic movie--or book--where people survive? Is that so much to ask? I mean, I could just watch Dangerous Beauty over and over and over again, but I was hoping for something a teeny bit more respectable and less like romantic porn.

So since I didn't spent my entire weekend watching The Painted Veil, I had to find something else to do. I tried knitting with my glass needles. I'm making an afghan, and let me tell you--glass needles ensure that your tension is loose. I don't think they'd actually break and make me bleed all over my yarn--they are very thick--but still. They are very smooth, and lovely, and I meant to take a picture but Guy took the digital camera away with him on his trip, so oh well.

The tips do kind of scrape against each other, much like when you stack glasses on top of one other. Same sensation. They are getting a little scratchy-looking at the tips, though they remain smooth and the yarn hasn't been catching at all. I console myself by thinking that if I knit with them every day for the rest of my life, the tips will look like sea glass, and won't that be lovely?

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Ruth said...

I just read the book. Any clue as to why it's called "The Painted Veil"?