Jan 23, 2007

Yarn After My Own Heart

Okay, so I got bored faster than I thought I would. And I didn't even get to Cordelia! That's just pathetic.

But I was busy. I had...yarn websites to look at. And in a moment of bringing-everything-together, isn't-it-amazing-how-everything-is-connected-in-a-some-kind-of-spirituality-kind-of-way, I introduce you to Sweet Georgia Yarns. Normally I'm somewhat bored by yarn color names, but this Sweet Georgia gal (like many Canadians, come to think of it) has poetry. Dragon, Afterglow, Elf, Boheme--very descriptive without being dull.

But it gets better. As I scanned down the page, I noted one colorway called Angel. And it wasn't white or baby blue like you might imagine--it was black and red and white. What kinda Angel from hell is that?

Scan further. Firefly. Huh. But it's a glowy gold color, so that makes sense.

Kill Bill (yellow and black, much better name than the more obvious Bee), Libertine (deep red), Life Aquatic (Aqua, duh), Velvet Underground (purple).

And finally--Slayer. In blood red. Hell yeah.

If only I liked knitting socks. Maybe I'll make me some slayer socks, just so I'd have them, because really, what's cooler than that?

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Anonymous said...

Socks! More socks!