Dec 15, 2006


Cordelia: If it's at all possible, I'd like to see Company. It got a great review in the Times, and I've heard Raul Esparza's amazing in it, and I've never seen it, so you know, if we can, I'd like to go.

Guy: I got tickets for Thursday night, 7th row center.
Cordelia: Are you HIGH? I mean, YAY, but hello? Poverty?
Guy: Merry Christmas!
Cordelia: [hyperventilates]

Cordelia: I think you'll actually like this one, you know.
Guy: I'm excited for you being excited for it.
Cordelia: Yeah, but I think you'll really like this one. You haven't seen any Sondheim--he's not like other musicals. Very complex vocals--and this is a very adult play. No ho-downs.
Guy: Sounds good.
Cordelia: I'm excited.

Cordelia: I think you'll really like this one.
Guy: Wow. My head is exploding--they're playing instruments and singing. And dancing. And acting. All at the same time. And they're really good. That's got to limit your casting choices.
Cordelia: Well, you'll note that the vocal powerhouses aren't playing the tuba or anything--they're playing the triangle. Raul Esparza's really good.
Guy: No foolin'.
Cordelia: The Ladies Who Lunch made me incredibly tense. I always thought that song was fun. It's not fun, it's terrifying and tragic.
Guy: I liked Getting Married Today. That was fun.
Cordelia: Being Alive ruled.
Guy: We should go to the theater only twice a year and get really good seats like that from now on.
Cordelia: As it is we only go to the theater once or twice a year. So you're just saying you want better seats.
Guy: Um, yeah.

Guy: I would get tickets for Alla Beginagain.
Cordelia: Huh?
Guy: If someone gave us tickets I would go see it again.
Cordelia: Bobby, Bobby, Bobby Baby, Bobby Baby...Nothing to do with, all to do with...when they get depressed, it's a bottle of scotch, plus a little jest...somebody make me come through I'll always be there, frightened as you...Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby


Julie said...

Nice! If I were a lady who lunched, I'd be the one with the scotch.

Anonymous said...

It sounds depressing. Bring me Oklahoma!