Aug 1, 2006

Heat Stroke

Apparently, we're to have a high of 102 degrees today. Walking to work this morning, I was reminded of a Gilmore Girl's episode, where Lorelai is explaining to Luke that she's had a boyfriend for the past few months, and Luke says "I kinda figured. You know, you never dressed weather-appropriate."

By this he meant that she was always wearing low-cut dresses and high heels and very little in the way of a coat. The better to show off her perky nipples, I suppose.

Everyone in Manhattan seems to be suffering from the same dress-to-impress illness, only it has taken an odd turn. They're all wearing wool.

Perhaps all their significant others are Norwegian or Finlandian, and they're dressing to make them feel more at home. Or perhaps said arm-attachments are highly attracted to the pheromones produced by excessive sweating.

Well, honestly--how else do you explain hipsters wearing wool sport jackets? In one hundred degrees? You know, I've been told that vintage short sleeve shirts are quite dashing as well, and certainly more practical.

And ladies: long sleeve polyester is really never the way to go, but in this heat you may actually spontaneously combust, so maybe you should reconsider. This is not the day for tweed, either.

Cotton and linen are our friends. Embrace them.

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Anonymous said...

Glad I left NY